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WISEBASKET is brought to you by Prudent Broking Services Pvt Ltd, which is a part of the growing Prudent Group. Prudent Corporate Advisory Services Ltd is the primary arm of the Prudent Group. It distributes its products to 560,000+ retail investors through its network of 10,000+ IFAs. Retail strength of Prudent is exemplified by more than 30,000+ crore AUM and a ranking of #5 in India in number of transactions.

Wisebasket is a readymade portfolio of stocks with weights to each stock in the portfolio. The portfolio could be based on an idea, theme or strategy. To given an example, one of our wisebasket named ‘Growth Plus’ contains stocks which would benefit from the growing aspirational middle class population in India. Each stock in this basket has an assigned weight which is derived after detailed analysis.

The product is conceptualized to solve two major problems of investors. One is to resolve problems pertaining to stock picking and the other pertain to allocation. By allocation we mean, what should be the weightage of the stock in ones portfolio. Further, the product aims to offer services similar to those offered by portfolio managers to retail investors but at a very low cost.

We have created easy processes, wherein the entire basket gets bought & sold in a single click. This means buying or selling fifteen or more stocks with a click of a button! We have created a valuation page wherein one can track the live performance of the wisebasket bought. This page contains details such as Invested amount, Current Value of Invested Amount, Dividend & Return from Investment.